While I cannot say I have a lot to show for my efforts, the husband was a machine yesterday!

After spending a good part of the daylight hours working on the front, side, and back yards, he set to reclaiming some of the wood from the tree house for me. I did not need much, but he stacked the nicest pieces on the picnic table. CoalBear was so proud!

Not to be left out, Bane contributed by leaving stray pieces of wood strewn across the newly mowed lawn.

The tree house is looking a bit bare now. I suspect the husband will finish tearing it down shortly.

Blessed soul is he, the husband also saved the steps for me. I use them as a backdrop for photos, knitterly and otherwise.

He is such an amazing person, he did all that and smoked a brisket!

As I watched the local news last night, the weather lady said it was 97 degrees in New Braunfels, but with the humidity, it felt like 104 degrees.

The husband got a big bowl of ice cream last night. It was well deserved!


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