My mind is a strange and nebulous thing

Sometime after the first of the year, I knit a triangular striped shawl with lace edging. At least, I thought I did.

It seemed like it was knit with a grey and a green; however, when I checked my Ravelry project page, I saw no evidence of it, which stumped me.

I tried to put it aside, thinking I had thought about knitting something like that, as I began to pour over my pattern queue trying to figure out what I wanted to make with this little lovely:

It is from Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock in "Under the Mistletoe."  It is a little pre-Christmas treat the husband is unaware he gifted me.

Not in the mood to make socks, I wanted a shawl of some kind, and I wanted something stripey. Diving into my stash, I found a skein of Malabrigo Sock in "Violeta Africana" that complimented it nicely.

Abandoning Ravely, I decided to search through my knitwear cabinet. Low and behold, I found the shawl I only thought I had knitted!!

It was only after I had it in my hands did I realize the reason it is not on Ravelry is because it is an original design, which I have not yet published.  Oops.

I knit it in January and obviously had a lot going on back then. What, I am not quite certain.

After I recalled that it was one of my designs, I then tried to remember what I had named it, so I could find the pattern on my computer.


Nothing came to mind.

I went through my digital photos (and found those above) and got an approximate date, then I did a file search and came up with the pattern.  YAY!

No name came to mind because I had not really named it, I just called it Charcoal Moss Shawl for the colors it contained.

So, just as soon as the Christmas knitting (and weaving) are done, expect me to knit one of these, come up with an appropriate name, and publish the pattern!  So exciting, I know!

In other news, there has been quite a bit of weaving going on.

The little Cricket has been very busy.

This one uses Cascade 220 fingering for the warp and Malabrigo Rios in "English Rose" for the weft. Once finished, each of the cowls is approximately 7.75" wide and 71" long, which means when the ends are seamed together, there is plenty of length to wrap it twice around the head and neck.


Here we have more Cascade 220 fingering for the warp in "Jasmine," I think and Universal Yarns Bamboo Bloom in "Koi Pond" for the weft.  Love how this thick/thin yarn weaves!

The English Rose was sewn into an infinity cowl and got away from me before I had a finished picture, but here is the Koi Pond with its lovely new owner:

This next one has, you guessed it, Cascaded 220 fingering for warp in "Plum," and Universal Yarns Bamboo Bloom in "New Years" for its weft.

It's gorgeous owner was also gracious enough to model for us!

Beautiful ladies and very dear friends!

Now, back to the grind! I have some gifts to finish so I can knit a shawl for myself!!

UPDATE: I found the project back with the remnants of the shawl yarn in it, along with some additional notes. I apparently named the shawl Emerson.  I like that.  Emerson, it is!!


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