Delightful and Done!

While it seems like ages ago, on Tuesday of last week, I warped the Macomber with a delightful riot of colors for a pair of baby blankets.

By Saturday afternoon, they were done, beautifully done.

In the picture below, I had just pulled them off the loom and zigzagged the ends just to be able to cut them apart and begin to prepare them for hems.

Here is half the warp, as I was admiring the colors.

Yarn:  Maysville 8/4 carpet warp in purple, mood blue, dark green, pear, coral, and colony green.

The pattern is my version from Handwoven Baby Blankets by Tom Knisely.  The book is fantastic with lots of excellent tips!

The finished sizes of these are 30" wide x 44.5" long after hemming, washing, and ironing.  I just threw them in the washer, then the dryer.  They are wonderfully soft and, hopefully, long wearing.

With the leftovers, I warped the Ashford-like rigid heddle loom for towels. I used a 10-dent reed and doubled the strands for the warp.

In this picture, the pink is the waste thread to close the gaps from tying on. The purple will be the hem, with the thread used singly as weft. I have only just begun the body of the first towel with the colony (light) green used double for the weft.  I hope to get pre-washed towels 20" wide x 39" long.

Okay, 13 days until Christmas, and I still have a sweater and a pair of socks to finish....

This weekend, the two harnesses the husband bought for my birthday back in June are scheduled to be added to the Macomber, which means no big weaving until after that happens, although the warp for the poncho fabric is nearly complete (I ran out of black tencel...).

Knitting....I need to be knitting...


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