A Real Weaver

Last June, I wrote about how my weaving journey began in 2014 and shared my aspirations with it.

It is the rare occasion when aspirations are attained.

When I became an attorney, my goal was to gain admittance to the bar of the United States Supreme Court. Within the first three years of my practice, I had a brief I wrote go before the justices, which would have allowed me the opportunity to apply for admission to practice there; however, I was a lowly associate and directors of the law firm for whom I worked removed my name and added their own to my brief... I was bitter about that for a very long time. All I can say now is that my brief won.

In the twenty-eights years since I left law school, I have not had another case go to the Supreme Court.

My weaving life is a very different story.

Earlier this week, I beamed the Beast with a warp of 11/2 cottolin in natural. I threaded the heddles for a pattern I have been in love with since I began weaving. It was the one design I aspired to when it all began.

Two days ago, I began weaving it with 8/2 cottolin in Peacock as weft...

It was beautiful, gorgeous, and a pleasure to weave, but when I compared it to the original photo, which represented my goal to real weaver status, something was awry:

My fabric showed dark, where the photo showed light.

After studying the draft, I realized it was a falling shed tie-up, instead of a rising shed tie-up, which means I was looking at the back of the cloth and not the front.

I invited the handsome husband to look at it. He said it was beautiful (he's smart like that). When I showed him the photo and explained I had it wrong, he expressed he liked the way I had it better. Bless him, he is such a good man.

I knew all I had to do was change the tie-ups, but I was loathe to do it mid-towel. Thus, after I finished the first one, I re-did the tie-ups.


There should be a total of twelve tea towels on this warp. My plan is to use a combination of 8/2 cottolin and cotton in different colors. 

The towels are actually a test. Ultimately, I wish to use this pattern to make a Queen duvet cover for our bed. I just wanted to make sure THIS was THE pattern.  IT IS!

My sett is 24 epi; however, when I use 8/2 cottolin for the warp for the duvet fabric, I am toying with going to a sett of 22 or 20.

These are a joy to weave.  I am so excited!


Handywoman said…
I'm with your husband on this one...but I do understand why you changed your tieup...Both look beautiful and you are an inspiration.
Feisty said…
Thank you, Janet!! I feel the same way about you!

Rachelle said…
I love the first one, where the tie up is opposite to where it should be. Can't wait to see the finished duvet cover.
Feisty said…
Thank you, Rachelle!

Yes, I am torn between them, as I love them both!


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