Three weeks into the Oxacan sweater and we have a front, a back, and possibly a third of a sleeve.

Over a week ago, I finished my last spinning project.

This merino top in Herbal 2 from Yarnwench proved to be a delightfully quick spin.

I tried to do a slightly thicker yarn. 4.2 oz turned into 360 yards of sport weight goodness!

While I wanted to immediately dive into more spinning, I decided to retire the wheel for the moment and concentrate on knitting.

In the past, I would have knocked out that sweater in less than three weeks.

Despite the relative monogamy, I am merely plodding along. As of this coming Monday, I will officially be a month into this project.

The pattern and actual knitting are easy and uncomplicated. The yarn is divine!

I just find I would rather sit and do nothing than work on it.


As in, I never just sit and do nothing. 

I must be ill or exhausted, but I feel fine and seem to have a good bit of energy.  Moreover, if I had not consciously and intentionally parked the wheel for the moment, I would be spinning.

I have even been weaving. I knocked this tea towel out in about half an hour yesterday.

It appears I have just lost the knitting mojo...

However, I am determined to finish this sweater!

Wish me luck.


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