Night Shift

Last week, I was minding my own business and in the throes of the monthly bout of migraines (mine are triggered by hormones and lately, they visit me a solid week at a time), when I thumbed through Instagram.

It is no surprise Instagram is my favorite form of social media. I find there is no drama for me, as my feed is full of puppies, weaving, knitting, paintings, and all manner of yarny goodness.

As I tend to cycle into and out of crafty pursuits every few years, I had thought the bulk of my knitting days were behind me; however, I came across this funky shawl in worsted weight yarn. I followed the designer back to Ravelry, bought the pattern, and immediately rummaged through the stash for the six skeins I needed.

Fortunately, single skeins of six different colors of worsted were not hard to find, at all.

I cast on immediately (I did not even swatch this time, as I had a really good idea of how worsted knits up on US size 8 needles)!

The entire project was a four-day knit, and I actually have a day job.

Pattern: Night Shift by Andrea Mowry.

Yarn: A - Coco (Malabrigo Rios), B - Decay (Black Trillium Pebble Worsted), C - Teal Feather (Malabrigo Rios), D - (Black Trillium Pebble Worsted), E - Sunset (Malabrigo Rios), and F - Byzantine (Madelinetosh Worsted).

Modifications: For the last three or four sections, I did not follow the instructions of which colors to pair, as I found the Malabrigo Sunset to be my least favorite color and too dominate. I really liked the Teal Feather and Coco much better, especially together.

I used every bit of the Coco and for the last six rows or so, I dipped into a second skein I had. Of the Byzantine, I had 2.5 grams remaining. Those were the two colors I cut close. I have a good bit of both Black Trillium yarns, as well as the Sunset. In all, the patterns calls for ~ 900 yards of worsted.

As I as toiling away on the last section, I seriously considered adding a lace edging to the wide end; however, I really liked the I-cord the designer use along both long sides. When I read through the bind-off, I realized she also incorporated the I-cord in the bind off, which was bit new to me. I decided to remain true to the pattern and learn something fresh.

This was such a fun knit. After the second section, I only checked the pattern to see what color the designer wanted me to use next, which made it so much faster to knit.

I anticipate another one in my future; however, I am dithering whether to go with two strands of fingering weight (held double) or more worsted. With the second one, I believe I will add the lace border...

Meanwhile, the looms are languishing.


Unknown said…
I love this shawl. The one you made is beautiful. I am wondering if the pattern is totally written out or if there are charts to follow? I am an intermediate knitter but I am unable to follow charts. Thank you so much. Your shawl is lovely.
Feisty said…
Hi! There are no charts. The design is basically made up of two very simple stitch sequences, which are completely written out. The instructions are insanely easy to follow! In fact, you will probably be able to memorize them after a few repeats. Thank you! :)
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for responding!

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