Casting-on like MAD!

The past several days have been devoted to pouring over my favorite patterns in the queue and matching them up with stash yarns.  Much swatching has been underway, too.

Despite three or four (or more) sweaters in WIP (work in progress) status, I cast on for two more last night because there is a rather long road trip looming ahead of me that cropped up rather unexpectedly yesterday.

Apparently, I deal with pending adversity with knitting, a most excellent coping tool.  Not to say that I do not also deal with joy, happiness, and run-of-the-mill life the very same way.

Pattern:  Greta from Elsebeth Lavold's Book Twelve:  The Walk in the Park Collection
Yarn:  Gaia Organic Merino Aran, which was originally a gift of undyed yarn from my friend Lolly. I had Stephanie of Spinning Colors dye it for me to match some sock yarn I had.  

This one has been on my list for a long time.  I love the simple v-neck and textured pattern.  I think it will be a quick knit or it would be a quick knit, if only I applied a little project monogamy.  It should take just less than 1200 yards.

Next up is a loose cardigan that screams everyday wear:

Pattern:   Eadon from the Twist Collective's Fall 2011 edition.
Yarn:  Cascade Eco Cloud in 1807 Otter.

This yarn has been a wonderfully delightful surprise.  I won two skeins from Yarnorama in Paige, Texas during the Hill Country Yarn Crawl.  It is a 70% merino and 30% alpaca blend that is braided.  Normally, alpaca has me clawing at my skin, but this one feels great!  The small swatch in the foreground is actually still slightly damp, but I love the undyed colors, although, Cascade dyes them up nicely, too. 

I adore this yarn so much, I got more to make a Bohus cardigan:

As I have mentioned this one before, I will refrain from repeating myself.

What is even more exciting about this project (aside from the fact the Husband bought me the yarn as a gift and I had the glory of actually unwrapping yarn on Christmas morning!), I even found the perfect buttons for this cardigan!

They are slightly smaller than the 1" buttons called for in the pattern, but I am determined the make them work.  Besides, I rarely wear a buttoned up sweater, they are truly just ornamentation for me.

If anyone is interested, through The Knitting Nest in Austin, we are doing a knit-a-long beginning February 1st!

Not in the Austin area, no problem, join along through the Ravelry forum here.  While I will be doing tutorials at The Knitting Nest for basic Fair Isle and steeking, I will also be posting something of a pictorial here.

So, if you are interested, give me a shout out!

Happy Knitting!


Oddybobo said…
The Eadon wants me to knit it...
Feisty said…
AND, you should!!

The back is all ribbing: k3, p2!

There are cables along the fronts, but they are no big deal.

Also, there is very little finishing work to be done because the ribbing is so stable, there are no button bands or edges/hems.

Aran weight should go quickly!

You have the skills, my friend.

; )
Caltechgirl said…
And me, too. I really like that pattern. Except knitting and my hands aren't really friendly right now, but k3p2 is easy as get out, so maybe... I just need to find a yarn I like that I can afford.... It's kinda hard out here in the boonies, since I like to touch it before I buy it, especially when it's for me...
Feisty said…
Hey Caltech!!

Good to see you.

What I normally do, whether I am ordering online or in a yarn shop, is only buy 1 skein of a particular yarn I am considering for a project. I may buy three different skeins, but I don't buy more than one.

Then, I take it home and swatch it on several different size needles. I soak and wash it, then play with it to see if it will do what I want it to do.

If it works for my project, only then do I buy sweater quantities.

Let me know what you are considering. I may have some lying about.

; )
Lolly said…
I really like that button! And I hope the Greta (as well as all your other sweaters) turns out fantastic.
LauraB said…
Bohus yarn ordered! Not POSITIVE about my color selection but at least the main color is nice enough...
Feisty said…

I will be putting up a post about casting on and seeking stitches closer to the end on the month!

Cannot wait to see your selections in person!!

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