A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing Ravelry when one link led to another and I suddenly spied a skein of sock yarn that shouted right out to me.

Fortunately for me, its owner had it listed for trade or sell, and by Wednesday of last week, it was in my hot little hands.

On Thursday, I finished a project and immediately wound the hank into two center-pull balls.

On Friday, I cast-on for a simple pair of socks...for me!

I had initially tried to match the stripes between the socks, but I soon discovered the color runs were different lengths.  This was actually a relief, and I was able to let go of that little OCD issue and just enjoy the lovely hand and beautiful colors of this yarn.

By Saturday, I suddenly had a pair of completed socks!

Yarn:  Twisted Fiber Art Arial Striping in Zoinks
Pattern:  My own go to pattern with a twisted stitch cuff and 4 x 2 ribbing.  I cast on 60 stitches on size US 1 needles, two-at-a time.

These are now the most favorite pair of socks I have knit all year...

Although, they are the *only* pair I have knit this year.

This was a delightful knit from start to finish.  As I was working on them, I kept thinking how much I enjoyed sock knitting and wondered why I did not seem to knit them as often as I once did.  In fact, it was not that long ago that I was knocking out a dozen pairs a year.

By the time I finished this pair, I remembered why socks have not been on the top of my list for a while:  they are really hard on my hands to knit.  The tiny needles and how I hold them and the yarn change my whole posture. 

The day job requires me to sit in front of a computer for most of a workday and knitting only adds to carpal tunnel issues.  Sweater knitting seems to be much easier.

With that in mind, as soon as the socks were finished, I cast on for 2012's 13th sweater!

Pattern:  Audrey in Unst
Yarn:  Madelinetosh Sport in Curiosity

Happy Knitting!


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