That Pinterest thing

Yesterday the older daughter noticed I had pinned a picture of a heavily cabled, over-sized hoodie on one of my Pinterest boards and said something along the lines of:  "You can knit this for me!"

Curiously, one of my good friends had already remarked about the same pin via email.  (Sorry, Cindy! Maybe I will knit you one next year!)

Further investigation of the link provided revealed the sweater actually looks like this:

Performing a search in Ravelry, I came up with Oona's Hoodie from St. Denis Premier issue. Something for which I actually have the pattern!

Here is an example of the Oona's nicely done up.

After presenting several design options, she chose the Oona's.  I next sent her links to several of the yarns I had available in my stash that I thought would work brilliantly with this pattern.

She choose the Malabrigo Merino in Pearl Ten:

Lifting an image from a project on Ravelry, this is what it looks like knitted up:

She was delighted!

Which means, I am delighted!

It is a good thing that I am not a monogamous knitter.

While I do have a grey cardigan (scroll down at that link) ready to go for the younger daughter, she has not been wearing her knits...


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